Good Reasons to Request an Internal Job Transfer

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An internal job transfer is a move from one job in your functional area to another or to a position in a completely different career area. While there are several good reasons to request such a transfer, you have to be careful not to alienate or offend your hiring manager or other employees with whom you interact.

Limited Upward Mobility

As an ambitious employee, you might have your eyes on a higher level position with the company. If you have toiled in your job for years and don't see much hope of a promotion soon, you might find a different route. Some career areas lend themselves to faster progression based on demand for the work or the propensity for employees to change employers. Your employer will expect you to sell your credentials for the new position.


Some employees request a transfer because they want to relocate to another office location or store. If you are young and have a specific idea of where you want to live, your employer might be open to you doing the same work somewhere else. Other people request a transfer for this reason to be closer to family. If you have kids who live in a different place or ailing parents or relatives, your employer would likely understand your need for a transfer.

More Ideal Position

Perhaps you took a job with a company because you liked the company and met the qualifications. However, you learn about an open position for which you are more qualified, have more interest and can earn more money. A transfer for this reason may offer a mutual benefit for you and the company. You get to work in a more ideal position and your company has you doing work that better aligns with your qualifications and passion. Persuading the hiring manager you are a better fit for the new position is your key.

Job Changes

Companies occasionally go through restructuring or change job descriptions. This may mean your workload or the type of work you do changes. If this does not suit your interests or abilities, a job transfer request is reasonable. You may even find your new position involves working with people you don't like as much. Even though this may aid you in making a decision transfer, it is typically best not to mention common personality differences in your request. You could come across as a negative complainer.

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