Good Reasons to Reschedule an Interview

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Rescheduling job interviews is typically a bad idea. Doing so can make you appear poorly organized and unreliable. In some circumstances though, cancelling an appointment is unavoidable. Most prospective employers understand this. If you have to reschedule a job interview, get in touch with your recruiter as soon as possible and make sure you have a better excuse than your alarm clock failing to go off on time.


It's best to attend a job interview if you're feeling a bit under the weather, according to Rosanne Lurie, associate director of career services at Penn State University. Just explain your predicament and struggle on as best you can. Howevr, if you are so ill you can barely stand up, it is wiser to reschedule. You'll be unlikely to perform at your best if you're feeling weak and nauseated to the point of being unable to concentrate. If your condition is contagious, your interview panel won't thank you for exposing them to your germs.

Personal Emergency

Most prospective employers won't hold it against you if you have to cancel your interview due to a personal emergency. Don't feel guilty about rescheduling your appointment if you suffer a death in your family or have to deal with a problem at home such as a fire or a burst water pipe. It's illegal to discriminate against job applicants on the grounds of family responsibility, so you should also feel comfortable cancelling your meeting if you need to look after a sick family member.


If you've arranged an interview on the other side of the country and find that a flight has been canceled or delayed, it's beyond your control and you'll have little choice but to rearrange things. Notify your prospective employer as soon as possible. Then, check the prices of flights and other forms of transport to find out when would be the best time for you to travel before you reschedule your interview. Building in a cushion of lead time between your scheduled arrival and your interview time always is wise.

Work Commitments

Rescheduling a job interview due to current work commitments can actually paint you in a positive light. Rearranging a meeting to make sure you can fulfill your obligations to your current employer demonstrates that you're a conscientious worker who takes her responsibilities seriously. Don't do this repeatedly, though. Cancelling multiple interviews due to your current commitments will make a prospective employer question how serious you are about the job you've applied for.

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