How to Write a Report on a Workshop

by Sam Ashe-Edmunds

As part of your career development, you might attend training and certification workshops, often paid for by your employer. The company will want to evaluate its return on its investment and disseminate what you learned to other employees. Knowing how to write a post-workshop report helps show your employer made a good investment in sending you to the workshop and might lead to more corporate investment in you.

Create an Outline

Before you begin writing, decide what you’ll include in your report and how you’ll organize it. Submitting a stream-of-consciousness write-up of your trip won’t allow you to emphasize anything specific. Include the following sections: purpose of trip; workshop description; content highlights; recommendations; and budget. Include an executive summary at the beginning of the report or a general summary at the end to review the main benefits the company received from the workshop.

Review the Highlights

Rather than simply list the contents of the workshop, pull out highlights that show the event was put on by qualified professionals and provided value to your company. Include the qualifications of any notable presenters, how many people attended and business contacts you made. Describe aspects of the contents you feel will benefit the company, giving specific examples of how you can apply things you learned at the workshop to your company’s operations. Demonstrate that your company can decrease production time or cost, increase revenues or improve customer service using specific techniques you brought back from the workshop. List recommendations for departments other than your own, mentioning that you will be happy to meet with other staff members to share what you’ve learned.

List Personal Benefits

Explain the benefits you received from the workshop to show that you are now a more valuable employee. List the knowledge you gained and then give examples of how you will be able to use this knowledge on an ongoing basis. Use a bold-faced heading for each benefit you received, followed by a paragraph of specifics. If you received certification, remind your employer that it can use your new status in its sales efforts.

Submit a Budget

Provide a detailed breakdown of the expenses of attending the workshop. Include the registration fee, course materials, travel, accommodations, meals and incidentals such as tips, cab fare and parking. If possible, include your estimates of the financial value the workshop will bring to the company. If you attended a computer workshop that taught you to bring a previously outsourced task under your job description, get the cost savings for that from your accounting department and put it in your report under the budget section.

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